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We provide logistics for shipping services across the world

Ocean transport is the best alternative for transporting large amounts of freight at competitive prices. At X-Port Services we provide a service of ocean freight in containers adapted to the needs of your shipment. We work with a variety of shipping companies and charter all or part of ships for transporting any type of material. Besides, we’ll help you to choose the best transport option for your goods.

Our asset based Road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less.

Ship your cargo with the confidence that comes from using an integrated carrier with over 50 years of ocean freight and vessel experience.

We are experienced in handling the formalities and documentation required for your imports and exports to ensure that they circulate freely and arrive at their destination. We work with all international ports to guarantee that your load will safely reach any part of the world by sea, with neither delays nor mishaps.

Our Services & Expert Approach

Our team can handle all your requests, from import/export services, to cross-trading, thanks to the synergy with the most qualified international transport and logistics companies. We can guarantee transports across the globe and fast delivery. Our sea freight transport services, which often need to be integrated with road freight transport and logistics, stand out for quality, cost, and timing.

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