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Air Cargo Packaging

Preparing Your Goods for Air Freight

In order to properly package goods for air freight, you must have a solid understanding of the product and distribution ecosystem. You must also understand packaging materials, and have the patience it takes to ship your goods properly. Understanding, as well as following these pointers will help you ensure your goods remain damage free while in transit.

Understand the Hazards of Air Freight

First, you must understand the hazards involved in shipping goods internationally on air freight:

Punctures and abrasions: when the product shifts, or has insufficient internal packaging.

Compression: stacking, shock, vibration, or tie-down straps all generate compressive forces that can cause product damage.

Shipment handling: proper packaging must be able to protect the contents from the drops and impacts that are common with handling operations.

All of these can be minimized with proper packaging and preparation before air freight shipment of your goods. Here’s a few ways to accomplish that.

Air Freight Pallets

Pallets are commonly made out of either wood or plastic. Pallets make moving packages more efficient by assisting in the consolidation and handling of packages. Using pallets also allows shipments to be moved without direct contact to packages, reducing exposure to damage.


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