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Our Service

We provide same day and next day TL and LTL service within the 250 mile radius of Newark International airport, and with our modern fleet of vehicles can handle anything from a small package to a 53' ft.tractor trailer expediently, and reliably,    

We have a 100,000 square foot  warehouse where we containerize, and deliver the freight.within the the tri-state, or other locations, by prior appointment..We are located on the busy  US  highway 1 in Linden, NJ.

Shipping documents legalization, this process involves, preparing, notarizing, and having the documents authenticated by a local chamber of commerce, and “legalization” which basically involves presenting the documents to the consulates/ embassies  to be stamped so that goods can clear customs at destination without excessive delays. 

Letters of Letters of Credit (LOC)- this instrument is normally obtained by a buyer in a foreign country and sent to the seller in the U.S. Its some form of assurance from the buyer that seller is going to get paid providing the seller complies with the buyer's terms stated in the letter of credit. Once the (loc) is sent to us, we we will prepare all necessary documents as stipulated in the (loc) and then will present the documents to the bank so that bank can make payment to the seller

Shipping Forms- There are Numerous shipping documents that are required by various countries. These documents include Commercial invoices, certificates of origin(CO), (US & Israel) certificate, NAFTA forms, etc. We provide these forms to whoever may need them.

Passport & Visa Services- Many of our customers, employees, managers and other who travel on business to other countries, and at times need their visa as soon as possible turn to us for an speedy service for their visa, passport or other doucments that may be required by the country where they intend to visit.